Russian National OES Club


Russian National Club of Breed Old English Sheepdog was founded in 1995 and registered in The Russian Kynological Federation (RKF).

The Club unites all owners of RKF stud book registered OES from every Russian region.
OES Shows has been hold in Russia annually since 1995.

Qualified experts are invited to judge OES Shows.

At a show a breeder can show his stock and look at other breeders’ achievements. But OES Shows are not only breeders’ achievements demonstration. It is a place where owners from different regions of our country can communicate, exchange their opinions and discuss. It is very useful for the development of the breed.

It is always a great pleasure to see many white and grey bears beautifully groomed for show. They try to make an impression to the judge; they wag their tails or even try to lick him to make friends.

Every one is touched when baby and puppy classes come into the show ring. They are exited because for the most of them it is the first show, but they all try to do their best to be unmissed by  judges and to be praised.

An OES Show is always a big holiday for dogs owners and for our beloved OES.

Organizing a show is a hard work, but thanks to our OES owners who take an active part in spade-work an OES Show becomes a great event. Every year breed lovers and their OES wait impatiently for this holiday.

President of Club OES: Krylova Nadezhda.